Quick method to schedule your Windows PC shutdown

Windows PC Shutdown

In some cases we may need to turn off our computers after sometimes or delay the shutdown. For an example, we need to wait some files to be downloaded and cannot wait until everything downloads. So using the following method we can schedule PC shutdown time.


shutdown -s -t [X seconds]

This will create a countdown timer which will go off in X seconds, you can replace the X to any time limit that you want your computer to shutdown, but remember the time should always be expressed in seconds.

Just run the following command from your command prompt.

To cancel or annul the shutdown please run this command:

This will cancel your scheduled shutdown.

More information about this command can be found here.


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1 comment(s) for "Quick method to schedule your Windows PC shutdown"

  1. Max Anderson

    Posted on 09 June 2015 at 04:43 AM

    Very helpful when you're downloading something big and you have to leave your PC turned on. Thanks for the tip!

    Max Anderson


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